Past Event

Roles and Goals of Alternative Publications

Tracy Van Slyke, associate publisher of the national news magazine “In These Times,” will discuss the roles and goals of alternative publicans vs. mainstream media, especially in relation to current events.

She will also touch on how and why alternative publications are growing and the important stories that alternative publications have disseminated to the public. Van Slyke started her journalism career as a political reporter for the “Iowa City Gazette” and then moved to Washington, DC, where she covered the 2000 presidential election for Knight Ridder.

As Communications Director for the National Training and Information Center, she developed communication strategies for grassroots organizations and edited the bimonthly publican “Disclosure: The National Newspaper of Neighborhoods.” She holds degrees from the University of Iowa in journalism and mass communication, as well as in literature, science and the arts.

This event is part of Lake Land College’s Arts and Humanities series.

For more information, contact Ron Sanderson, special projects coordinator, at (217)234-5558 or visit Lake Land College’s website.