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Rise of the drones

From “The drone future”

“They’re small, inexpensive and capable of feats that once belonged to the realm of science fiction — and they’re here to stay. The advent of drones is one of the most significant technological advances of our time…But as last week’s filibuster by U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., dramatized, these machines also evoke serious concerns. In the realm of the war on terrorism, the fear is that, having been used on foreigners and even American citizens involved with al-Qaida, they may be used to kill Americans on U.S. soil without a hearing or trial.”

Questions for Consideration 

Why is a bomb delivered via drone all that different than a bomb delivered by a piloted aircraft? Why is it necessary to use drones? What kind of decision making process or policy needs to be in place for the use of drones? What are the risks in using drones? How do you feel about drones being used for surveillance in the U.S.?

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