Past Event

Radiate: Art of the South Asian Diaspora Opening Reception

Radiate: Art of the South Asian Diaspora represents the work of eleven artists currently residing in the Northeast United States who share origins and connections in South Asia.

The diversity of meaning, metaphor, and material in their work defies attempts at locating any fixed geographic or cultural "essence" of identity among these artists. Rather, multiple and mutable senses of self and history are expressed through concepts and forms that weave an abundant labyrinth of associations.

Artists of the South Asian diaspora have been a dynamic force in reframing and reshaping Asian and Euro-American art history. Whether drawing from family heritage in South Asia, the United States, or other parts of the world, their movements between geographies, histories, and cultural practices of East and West characterize an open and adaptable sense of self that is the optimum "essence" for a globalized world.