Past Event

Racial Justice and Immigration: Re-imagining Black and Latino Relations

From “How will immigration reform affect black America?” by Marlon Hill

Professor John Betancur, author of The Collaborative City and Reinventing Race, Reinventing Racism, and April Callen, Communications Associate for the Center for New Community, will be joining us as our guest speakers.

“The black community has much at stake in the immigration debate, due to the broader implications for our economy. Black immigrants can be seen and heard at all levels of society. They are our college professors. The nurse in the ER. The janitor in your favorite hotel. The laborer on the construction site. The security guard in your building. The taxi driver taking you to your next appointment. The medical doctor at the local clinic. The small business owner at the local corner grocery store. They are at the ground level and heart of America….Immigration reform is not solely a Latino issue. It is an American issue.”

Questions for Consideration 

What might be some motivations, or lack thereof, for forging black/brown unity? What would black/brown unity look like? What are barriers that might prevent this? Why do or don’t you support immigration reform? What is at stake for you in the immigration debate? What’s at stake for the Black community?

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