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R.U.R. Rossum's Universal Robots

In 1921, Čapek introduced the word “robot” to a world still recovering from the ravages of war and built around it the concept that humankind would bring about its own destruction. In the play, the idealistic young Helena Glory arrives at the remote island factory of Rossum’s Universal Robots, on a mission to liberate the robots. Old Rossum’s robots are not the mechanical men and women that later science fiction works would take up, but humanoid beings, streamlined by man and biological in nature. So human-like, that Miss Glory has trouble telling man from machine. Not surprisingly, things do not go as planned – neither for Miss Glory, nor for humankind, once the robots realize that they actually are more than “so much grass.”

Directed by Brad Gunter
Featuring: Becca Kravitz, Rory Jobst, Tim Lee, Matthew Lloyd, Holly Robison, James Sparling, Paul Tinsley, Patricia Tinsley and Michael Wagman.

The production team includes the talents of Glen Anderson (Set and Lighting Designer), Maria Burnham (Script Editor and Marketing Director), Carrie Campana (Costume Designer), Keith Gatchel (Sound Designer), Letitia Guillaud (Production Manager), Jacyln Jensen (Costuming Assistant), Lisa Uhlig (Props Designer) and Mike Wozniak (Graphic Designer).

This is closing weekend for this production so ticket reservations are advised.

Tickets are $10-$18/person. Buy your tickets online or call the box office at 773-757-6689.

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