Past Event

Prison and Poetry

Join us for an evening of video and poetry that explores long term incarceration and what has been called the warehousing of prisoners.

The program will feature a special screening of Space Ghost, a short video by Laurie Jo Reynolds, that compares the experiences of astronauts and prisoners. Using conversations with prisoners and popular depictions of space travel, Reynolds addresses the physical and existential aspects of sequestration, confinement, and incarceration. Following the screening, there will be a discussion with Laurie Jo Reynolds and readings of poetry written by currently-incarcerated Illinois prisoners. Family members of the incarcerated and ex-prisoners will also be on hand to react and respond to these works and to discuss the impact of long-term incarceration on their lives.


Laurie Jo Reynolds is an activist, media producer, and artist. She has been involved in numerous prisoner support, prison reform, and abolition efforts, including the Tamms Poetry Committee, a group that sends a letter and poem every month to eachprisoner in Tamms C-MAX, a “supermax” prison in Southern Illinois. She is also working on the “Year Ten” campaign, a program of artistic and cultural events to publicize and protest the perpetual solitary confinement experienced by all prisoners at Tamms supermax on the tenth anniversary of its opening. She teaches at Loyola University Chicago and Columbia College Chicago.

Reservations are not required. For more information contact the Hyde Park Art Center at 773.324.5520.