Past Event

Pioneering Educators: Morgan County Chautauqua

The Morgan Country Historical Society in Jacksonville, Illinois will present a Chautauqua on the educational history of the region. Audiences will be able to hear lecturers, first-person re-enactors, musical programs, and storytellers, all related to the period, the region, and education at Illinois College during the 19th century.


  • The Prairie Grass – 3p
  • Greetings from America – 3p

    Musical performance with Rudolf Zuiderveld at the Organ.
  • Co-Education Comes to Illinois College – 5p

    A Colloquium with Doris Hopper.
  • Supper by the Tent – 6p

    Catered supper.
  • Woodwinds – 7p

    Performed by Ann Marie Stahel, accompanied by Rudolf Zuiderveld.
  • Meet William Jennings Brain – 8p

    Fred Krebs will present the historical personality of William Jennings Brian

For more information call 217-243-2423 or email