Past Event

Paying Attention: Art, Artists, and Social Responsibility

It’s been said that the role of an artist is to keep their eyes open, when everyone else’s are shut. In a world increasingly fractured by poverty, racism, and religion, what is our responsibility as artists to address the problems we see? Does art have the power to bring change? To heal? Must artists be cultural watchdogs or are we only responsible to our creative vision?

Join the Goodman Theatre and Th!nk Art Salon for a lively discussion about the role of artists and art in today’s society and, with the Goodman’s production of Rebecca Gilman’s A True History of the Johnstown Flood as a springboard, how we understand and cope with disaster through creativity. Panelists will include painter David Gista; playwright-performers Rohina Malik and Coya Paz; Romi Crawford, assistant professor of visual and critical studies at the School of the Art Institute; actor Stephen Grush; and psychotherapist Deborah Hellerstein.

The event is free and open to the public. No tickets are required. It is presented by the Goodman Theatre (as part of their CONTEXT series) and Th!nk Art Salon, in partnership with The Public Square.

For more information please call 312-443-5581.