Past Event

Once More to the Roads, with Various Poets

This is the sixth round of Velosophie, which means just one thing: Greatest Hits. 

So for Velosophie 2010, we have collected some of the best stories, essays, and poems from the last five years and sprinkled in a few new ones to boot.  From Henry David Thoreau to James Baldwin and from Mary Austin to Adrienne Rich, this collection of literature should help us think about any number of things, but especially about place-what it means to be in a place and to leave it, to find new places and to return to familiar ones.  

While the group will include some familiar faces, we’re also looking forward to new faces, new discussions and new combinations.  Every evening’s discussion should provide an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re heading.  And the pieces included here are, for Velosophie 2010 and beyond, readings to take with you. 

Up for discussion tonight: Charged Places with Adrienne Rich, Robert Frost, Czeslaw Milosz, Philip Larkin, Robert Frost, and Wallace Stevens.

There is a $35 application fee for Velosophie, in addition to the cost of the GITAP ride.
Note: The 2010 GITAP ride is full.

For more information, please contact Ryan Lewis at 312.422.5580.