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Odyssey Project Rapid Response: Re:Place

Odyssey Project Rapid Response: Re:Place

Join us for a special edition of the Illinois Humanities produced Rapid Response Series. Odyssey Project Rapid Response: Re:Place is a collaboration between Illinois Humanities’ Envisioning Justice initiative and the Odyssey Project’s Spring 2021 alumni course titled “Justice in the City.”

The course has explored the multiple ways in which justice and injustice organize our relationships to our city, our neighborhoods, our homes, our land, and even to each other. Together, our class has discovered some of the assumptions about what is (and who is) valuable in Chicago and have learned the ways that these assumptions pin us down, hem us in — or can help us rise. In thinking about these topics, we have applied our readings and conversations to specific spaces in the city to better understand how those spaces have come to be.

Odyssey Project Rapid Response: Re:Place will share back some of what we have learned about space and place in Chicago and begin to ask the question: “What does a just city look like?”

Here to weigh in:

  • Nicole Bond
  • Marietta Evans
  • Sherry Harris
  • Jo McEntee
  • Wanda Obazee
  • Mayra Ortiz
  • Alisha Williams
  • Karen Alvarez

Technical Direction by TONY SANTIAGO

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Image caption: To read more about the impact of redlining on cities across the United States, see Mapping Inequality: Redlining in New Deal America. Click here

About The Odyssey Project

The Odyssey Project is a free college-credit bearing humanities program for income-eligible adults who have had limited access to higher education.

About the Rapid Response Series

The Rapid Response series was created by Illinois Humanities to share short original videos featuring perspectives and reflections from humanists, artists, and community organizers working in system-impacted communities during this complex time.

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