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Obamacare for all?

Dr. Anne Sheetz, from Physicians for a National Health Program, will be joining us as our guest speaker. 
From Columbia Journalism Review: “5 threads reporters missed on Obamacare” by Trudy Lieberman
“On Tuesday, the Affordable Care Act made its official debut, adding another patch to America’s patchwork quilt of health insurance. This fix retains the system of private health insurance and private delivery of care, but aims to bring another 24 or 25 million people under the insurance cover. They are people who, for the most part, did not have insurance before because they had no employer providing it, were too poor to buy it on their own, or were so sick insurance companies didn’t want them.”
Questions For Consideration:
How much do you know about the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare and where have you gotten your information from about ACA? Why has there been so much confusion about the ACA and how has the media coverage aided or contributed to this? Who stands to benefit from the act? How do you feel about the new website? How will the ACA impact our health as a nation? Given its rocky start, what does the future of Obamacare look like?
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