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Now Enlisting for the Fashion Police: Who Decides What You Wear?

Fashion faux pas get plenty of press–from the pages of celebrity magazines to the front pages of every newspaper if you dare to don flip-flops to White House. One city took fashion dos and don’ts a step further earlier this summer by outlawing a trend among young men. Sometimes referred to as the “sagging pants” look, wearing this particular fad is now considered an act of indecent exposure. Violators of the new ordinance in Delcambre, Louisianacould face a $500 fine and prison sentence of up to six months.

Popularized by rap and hip-hop musicians, young men all over the country let the waistband of their pants sag with varying degrees of their underwear in view. Some folks find the style offensive and feel it demeans the wearer. Others are simply puzzled by the mechanics. There are some who argue that this ordinance is an attack on the culture of African-American youth.

How we clothe ourselves each day depends on many factors including: familial expectations, occupation, religious denomination, age, gender, and personal choice. What do your clothes say about you? How do issues of class, race and age affect the way we dress? Is clothing an indication of one’s morals?

What are the consequences of dress? To what extent do or should we judge one another based on their clothes? How can we differentiate between indecency and a difference in taste?

Join us this week to tell us whether you think law enforcement should be called in for crimes of fashion.

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