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North Korea and War Games

Sung Lee, Research Analyst at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, will be participating in our discussion.

From “The Game With North Korea: Nuclear Roulette Has No Winners by David Krieger

“Nuclear roulette has no winners. It is a game that no country should be playing. But the leaders of countries with nuclear weapons tend to believe these weapons make their own country more secure. They do not. They risk everything we hold dear, all we love and they undermine our collective sense of decency. The only way out of the nuclear roulette dilemma is to unload the gun and assure that it cannot be used again by any side.”

Questions for Consideration:

A CNN poll reveals that worries about North Korean threats are at an all-time high; how worried are you about nuclear threats from North Korea? Do you think measures taken by the American government are helping or heightening the conflict with North Korea? Are sanctions an effective strategy to “punish” the North Korean government and should stronger sanctions be imposed? How can we support peace on the Korean peninsula?

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