Past Event

News Sources - Do You Trust Them?

In this discussion, we will be addressing the validity and veracity of our news sources as we examine the types of news sources we rely on to form our opinions and make decisions.

We will consider a wide variety of sources from both the local and national sectors, which include TV, radio, print, digital and “over the back fence”.

We ask that participants in the discussion bring in hard copies of news sources and/or an example of a fact check source that disproves news reports (i.e., and/or a strong example of good reporting that you feel “got it right”.

Questions for consideration:

  • How and why do you choose certain news sources?
  • How reliable do you think these sources are, is there a bias?
  • How well informed do you feel?
  • How do you feel the local news media could be improved, is there room for another local source? A radio station…another regional newspaper…local news blog?

Note: Conversations on new topics occur every third Wednesday of the month @ 6:00 PM Facilitated by Sandra Pfeifer; alternating monthly between Golconda’s Riverview Mansion Hotel (222 S. Columbus Ave.) and Vienna Diner (511 E. Vine St.)

For more information, please contact Sandra Pfeifer at

If you need a sign interpreter or require other arrangements to fully participate, please call 312.422.5580 at least 72 hours prior to the event.