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Miguel Gutierrez & Mind Over Mirrors in Conversation with David Ravel

Miguel Gutierrez image by Ian Douglas
Photo Credit: Ian Douglas

Miguel Gutierrez & Mind Over Mirrors in Conversation with David Ravel

Monday, April 18th @ 8:30pm
Beauty Bar
(1444 W Chicago Ave, Chicago)
RSVP Required
Must Be 21 & Over
Please Bring Valid I.D.

On Monday, April 18th, Miguel Gutierrez and Jaime Fennelly (aka Mind Over Mirrors) will be joined in conversation by David Ravel of Alverno Presents for a look inside their collaborative practice. The discussion will be held at Beauty Bar (1444 W Chicago Ave) at 8:30pm and will lead directly into Salonathon, a weekly evening of curated genre-defying performance. Both the conversation and Salonathon are free and open to the public.

Illinois Humanities and Thalia Hall will present “Storing the Winter,” a collaborative performance by Miguel Gutierrez and Mind Over Mirrors, on Tuesday, April 19th at Thalia Hall. More information here.



Miguel Gutierrez and Jaime Fennelly (aka Mind Over Mirrors) met in the pine forests of the American South in summer of 2001. Taking refuge in the top story of a run down Bushwick, Brooklyn warehouse that Fall, they sonically and viscerally hammered away for the next four years at the mountains of detritus that had been left there before them, sculpting their own assemblage of self-sabotage actions up and down the Eastern seaboard and Europe. Eight years gone, reconfigured with their collective shovel dug deep, they are Storing the Winter. ‘Storing the Winter’ has been performed at Issue Project Room, NYC (2012), American Realness, NYC (2013), TAP Theater, Poitiers, FR (2013), Centre Pompidou, Paris, FR (2014), Charlotte Street Foundation at La Esquina, Kansas City, MO (2014)


David Ravel is the director of Alverno Presents, Wisconsin’s longest running performing arts series. During his decade with Alverno Presents, Ravel launched new initiatives including Global Union, a free outdoor world music festival, and the Alverno presents Summer Dance Residency. Ravel has worked in the performing arts as a presenter, writer, producer and a university lecturer. Prior to Alverno Presents, he served as Producing Director for Theatre X, a Milwaukee-based ground-breaking ensemble theatre company.


“‘Storing the Winter’ … proved to be my best discovery of the festival.” – Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times

“What makes Fennelly’s work rise above homage is his use of Indian pedal harmonium, which cuts through his web of tape delays and synths and gives ‘Storing the Winter’ a singular timbre.” – Marc Masters, Pitchfork

“Returning to pure dance again, Gutierrez becomes more bound and internal. An evolution, a rite of passage. ‘Storing the Winter’ works in the realm of the energetic and kinetic.” – Julie Potter,

“The sonic drapery that Mind Over Mirrors hangs is a perfect canvas for someone who uses their body to make visual art. It’s a wide-open vista on which a dancer can paint all kinds of colors… the pair want to explore ‘the all-consuming corporeality of sound,’ which is nearly a perfect phrase for the effect Mind Over Mirrors’ music has on me.” – Marc Masters,

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