Past Event

Local Law Enforcement & Community Relations

What do residents of urban and rural communities expect from their local police or sheriff’s departments?

How can rural and urban communities ensure that the activities of their local law enforcement agencies reflect their values and wishes?

What resources do local law enforcement authorities need in order to meet their communities’ expectations?

The Country and the City: Common Ground in the Prairie State? logoRelationships between police and sheriff’s departments and the urban and rural communities that they serve are complex and consequential. They involve a wide variety of factors and elicit a wide range of opinions. Panelists representing various rural and urban Illinois communities will discuss the dynamics between law enforcement authorities and the public in urban and rural settings.

In doing so, they will draw upon their own experiences as well as brief excerpts from works of fiction and non-fiction. Members of the audience will have opportunities to participate in the conversation, as well. The rural counterpart to this event will take place at York Township Public Library in March or April 2019 (postponed from January 31, 2019, because of weather – rescheduled date to be announced soon).

Doors open and refreshments available: 5:30 PM

About The Country and the City

This event is part of The Country and the City: Common Ground in the Prairie State?, a year-long, statewide initiative that features text-based discussions of issues that affect both rural and urban Illinois communities, involving panelists who are well-versed in those issues from both perspectives. It also complements Illinois Humanities’ Envisioning Justice initiative.

For more information, please contact Matt Meacham at or (618) 468-5580.