Past Event

Live Storytelling at Indian Boundary

We want you to contribute to the exhibition! Bring an object and its story from your home to the Indian Boundary Cultural Center at this live storytelling event.

The object can be anything that reflects how you turned your home into a space that reflects your own style, history, culture, and community. Your object and and your story will be added to the exhibition as it travels across Chicago.

Questions that we’ll ask to help tell the story of the object include:

  • How did this object come into your life?
  • What is the object? Where is it in your home?
  • What does the object mean to you? How does it reflect your style, history, culture, or community?
  • Why did you choose to share this object?

More about the exhibition

Everyone’s a Designer/Everyone’s Design, produced by Illinois Humanities, is a free traveling museum exhibition that explores and celebrates everyday Chicagoans’ influence on art and design in the city. Travelling across Chicago’s Cultural Centers, the exhibition tells the stories of 5 people, the homes they’ve made uniquely their own, and the rich design and architectural history of their neighborhoods.

Learn more about the exhibit at or contact Paul Durica at