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Life after Oprah

Café Society will meet at Ron’s Barber Shop on Friday, June 10

From “Not Everyone Loves Oprah” by Julianne Hing

“I believe, even on my meanest days, that Oprah’s quest for global dominance is fueled at least in part by a desire to do some good. And I do believe that she is committed to empowering women and girls, that she wants to give people hope and encourage folks to wake up to the power we all have to make change in the world. So I consume the media she creates even when I’m uncertain if I can stomach more of her self-absorption and moralizing. I am electrified and enraged by Oprah. I could not turn away from her even if I bothered to try.”

Questions for Consideration

What kind of effect or influence has Oprah Winfrey’s show had over the past 25 years in our society? Why do you think Oprah’s show has been so successful in drawing millions of viewers every day? With a daily audience that large, what kind of responsibility does she have with the influence she holds? After hosting questionable “experts” and endorsements on her show, should viewers think twice about her advice?

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