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Lester Munson: Chicago Sports

At first blush, a sports program might seem a stretch for laughter. Anyone who has spent time at the University of Chicago, however, knows that sports on campus have been the butt of many a joke. We also know how hard it is for Cubs fans to laugh at themselves and their perennially disappointing team (but do so anyway, rather than crying).

In fact, Chicago sports fans spend so much time—out of necessity, really—laughing at themselves and their teams that it might not be much of a stretch after all.

Join sportswriter Lester Munson and a panel of writers and athletes for a Chicago-style mash-up of sports stories and commentary.

About Lester Munson
Lester Munson, a Chicago lawyer and journalist who has been reporting on investigative and legal issues in the sports industry for 18 years, is a senior writer for

This event is presented in partnership with International House Global Voices Performing Arts Program.

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This event is part of the Chicago Humanities Festival’s (CHF) annual fall festival. For more information, please visit the CHF’s website.