Past Event

Laughing out loud with Laughter Yoga

Cafe Society will meet at Panera Bread on Thursday, December 2

From Stressed? A workout that makes you smile by Karen Bossick

“I truly believe everyone can use more laughter in their lives, especially in these times of such conflict,” said laughter yoga leader Carrie Mellen. “The old saying ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ is a scientifically proven fact. It immediately lightens your mood, and it’s contagious.”

Questions for consideration

What kinds of benefits can one reap from laughter yoga? Even if laughter cannot cure sickness, how can it improve one’s health? What is the relationship between laughter and happiness, if any? Is laughter yoga a legitimate activity or is it a joke? Explain!

Want to learn more?

Free and open to the pubilc. For more information please call 312.422.5580.