Past Event

Kente Cloth to Quilt: Finding a Community for Cultural Creation

The tapestry of the Black Arts in Chicago is brilliantly diverse. Chicago is known internationally for such cultural institutions as The Art Ensemble of Chicago, the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, and Muntu Dance Theatre, all entities known for the influence of African culture on their art forms. What is not as apparent is that the Black Arts are influenced by more than African culture. European influences in Black Art include dance forms such as ballet, classical music forms, and abstract expressionism in the visual arts. The late Gwendolyn Brooks, a leading proponent of the Black Arts Movement, wrote beautiful sonnets. What is the role of non-African forms in the Black Arts? Does the application of these distinct forms dilute that art? What impact does the decision to incorporate European forms have on the work and careers of Black artists?

The contact person is Michael Warr, Producing Director of DanceAfrica Chicago (312) 344-7070 or