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Justice behind the kitchen doors?

From “Wages in restaurants: the real bread-and-butter issue” by Moira Herbst

“More and more, people want to know where their food and drink comes from. We ask: were these grapes organically grown, or doused with pesticides? Were the cows that make up this burger free to roam the pastures or crammed into overcrowded feedlots? Less often do we ask about the conditions under whihc our food is prepared and served to us at our favorite restaurants….For a start, we can all do a little research to look beyond the pleasing lighting and hip decor of our favorite spots. A non-profit worker advocacy group called the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC)- United recently released a guide book that rates popular restaurants according to how they treat their staff. Available free online, it shows which places offer decent wages and paid sick days.”

Want to learn more? 

Questions for consideration

How useful is a guide like this and how will it influence your decisions about where you eat? How effective is this guide as a tool for changing working conditions at restaurants? What power does a consumer have to change where our food comes from?

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