Past Event

Islam and Islamic Resurgence in Post-Soviet Russia: From the Northern Caucacus to Tatarstan in Russi

After a brief excursus into the history of Islam in the Russian/Soviet Empire Professor Elexander Knysh, Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Michigan, will address the revival of religious sentiment among the Tatars of theVolga region and the Muslim populations of the Northern Caucasus. Prof. Knysh is a professor of Islamic Studies and former chair (1998-2004) of the Department of Near Eastern Studies, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mi. He obtained his doctoral degree from the Institute for Oriental Studies (the Leningrad branch) of the Soviet Academy of Sciences in 1986. Since 1991 he has lived and worked in the United States of America and England. His research interests include Islamic mysticism and Islamic theological thought in historical perspective as well as Islam and Islamic movements in local contexts (especially Yemen and Northern Caucasus). He has numerous publications on these subjects, and three books.


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