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Is Marriage for White People?

Cafe Society will be meeting at Ron’s Barber Shop on Friday, December 9

From “Black, Whites, and the Wedding Gap” by Imani Perry

“The unmarried black woman is a figure of cultural fascination these days…The explanations offered for this phenomenon tend to be of two sorts: prurient accounts of black male promiscuity and irresponsibility, or caricatures of aggressive and unreasonable black women. It is rare for the popular media to include careful social or historical analyses. Rather, they are often purveyors of a moral panic presented without root or reason.

Upon reading the title ‘Is Marriage for White People?’ I assumed the book, by the Stanford law professor Ralph Richard Banks, would follow in this trend. But I was wrong.”

Questions for Consideration

Why are Black women “half as likely as white women to be married” as asked in the new book Is Marriage for White People? Or conversely, why are white women twice as likely to be married? What’s behind the decline in marriage among Black Americans as well as other communities? Author Ralph Banks argues that this decline is an alarm bell warning of the failure of American partnerships, do you agree? Why or why not? 

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