Past Event

Is Chicago the Center of the Black Art

Known as the “capital of Black America” in the 1940s, Chicago is a historic center for the Black Arts. There has been much discourse about Chicago’s role and position in the 21st Century as “the center of blacks Arts” in the U.S. The city’s cultural landscape features many individual Black artists at the top of their field. What is in question, is whether there are supportive and cohesive systems in place for the city’s Black Artists community, and if the environment is healthy for both emerging and established artists. Different points of views will be explored centering on whether there exists a cultural divide in the Black Arts and the impact that Chicago artists have on the nation’s culture. Some of Chicago’s critical thinkers weigh in on key questions and kick off a day of reflection.

The contact person is Michael Warr, Producing Director of DanceAfrica Chicago (312) 344-7070 or