Past Event

Intuit Poetry Reading and Exhibit

Young men who were participants in a weekly literary and visual arts group will present their original poems and drawings during a combined exhibit and performance.

This event is the culmination of a year-long program at Second Chance Alternative High School where boys met weekly to read and discuss fiction, write poetry, and create art. They explored themes related to their cultural history and heritage and their present-day experiences growing up on Chicago’s southwest side.

The program is sponsored by “Literature for All of Us.” “Literature for All of Us” is a nationally recognized, award-winning agency devoted to connecting urban young people to their strengths through literature and poetry in weekly book groups led by a professional facilitator.

This is the agency’s first program for boys and it involved collaborations with local artists, including playwright and puppeteer Michael Montenegro and musician and puppeteer Jason Tucker. Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outside Art is a not-for-profit organization that promotes public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of intuitive and outsider art through a program of education and exhibition. Founded in 2001 by Father Bruce Wellems, Second Chance Alternative High School takes a holistic approach to solving the complex problems of young people by building community coalitions to help them successfully complete their education and get a job or continue their education.

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