Past Event

Illinois Turns 200 Podcast in Atlanta

The series continues in Atlanta, highlighting the community’s connections to Route 66. The episode explores the creation of the “Mother Road” (and early adventurers on it), its appeal to international travelers, the impact tourism is having on Atlanta’s future, and roadside attractions such as Bunyon’s Giant, the enormous statue that once stood in front of Bunyon’s hot dog stand in Cicero but that now calls Atlanta home. Special guests include John Goldsmith from the DeMoulin Museum in Greenville sharing some of the costumes and pranks the DeMoulin brothers made for fraternal organizations across the country, including the one that is now the Atlanta Museum.

Chris Vallillo and the Orpheus Mandolin Orchestra are going to perform music that captures the character and culture of Atlanta while Kevin Wood is on hand as Abraham Lincoln to share his thoughts on the place.

Dinner is provided before the program.

For more information about this event, please contact Paul Durica at or (312) 422-5583.