Past Event

Illinois Turns 200 Podcast in Alton

Illinois Turns 200 kicks off in Alton and features Dr. Charlie Blake on the capture of a bull shark in the Mississippi in 1937; Brad Winn on one of the earliest civilizations in North America, which just happened to be right outside Alton; Sara McGibany and Alex St. Cin on Lighthouse Sounds and the revitalization of downtown; Liz Burns and Greg Cash on the very first soybean planted in Illinois; and Eric Robinson and Charlotte Johnson on how greater knowledge of the history of the Underground Railroad and the Rocky Fork settlement can shape the region’s future.

Chris Vallillo, Dennis Stroughmattare, and Brenda Lancaster going to perform music that captures the character and culture of Alton while a special guest (hint: he has a beard and a preference for stovepipe hats) to share his thoughts on the place.

Refreshments are provided after the program.