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Illinois and the future of nuclear energy

From “The fate of Illinois’ nuclear economy” produced by Eight Forty-Eight WBEZ 91.5FM

“Worries about nuclear power are rippling across the world as Japan struggles to stave off a potential nuclear meltdown. Earlier in the week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the temporary closure of some of the country’s nuclear plants. And China has suspended the approval of new nuclear plants until safety standards are revised.

Illinois has had a moratorium on new nuclear plants since 1987 but nuclear energy still has a vital presence in the state’s economy. Illinois has more reactors than any other state and about half of its electricity is powered by nuclear plants.”

Questions for Consideration

With eleven nuclear reactors in Illinois (more than any other state), why is it important to reassess the use of nuclear energy? What alternative energies that are cleaner to produce are available to invest in? What lessons can the world learn from the Japanese disaster?

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