Past Event

"I Shall Create" with Chicago artists Toufic El Rassi, Coya Paz, and Dan S. Wang

Join us this evening to explore the intersection of art and struggle with three provocative Chicago artists: Toufic El Rassi, Coya Paz, and Dan S. Wang. In a conversation moderated by Daniel Tucker, editor of AREA Chicago, these artists will discuss their creative work and how we can use the arts to create and imagine a more just world.

This program is free and open to the public. Reservations are recommended and can be made online, by e-mail at, or at 312.422.5580.

Using the graphic novel as his medium, Lebanon-born Toufic El Rassi chronicles his experience growing up Arab in America with his recently released book, Arab in America. Coya Paz, co-founder of Teatro Luna (Chicago’s all-Latina theater company), believes in making performance that makes people laugh, think, and cry all in the same show. Dan S. Wang is an independent artist and writer who co-founded the experimental cultural space Mess Hall, coordinates HPAC’s Talking Points series, and designed the Looking for Democracy postcard. Daniel Tucker, a Chicago organizer who focuses primarily on urban places and space, writes and lectures about the intersections of art, politics, and social movements.

We will also celebrate the "Looking for Democracy Postcard Project" on display at Hyde Park Art Center, featuring burning questions of the day submitted by community members.

This Artists, Activists, and Authors After Hours program is co-sponsored by The Public Square, Neighborhood Writing Alliance, dropping knowledge international, John J. Egan Urban Center at DePaul University, and Hyde Park Art Center. Thank you to the Civic Knowledge Project for their support in making this program possible.

For more information, call 312.422.5580.