Past Event

Hull House History on Call

An innovative public humanities project that allows visitors to use their cell phones to access recordings by internationally renowned humanities scholars providing in-depth commentary about the Hull House Settlement, offering various opinions about contested history, and/or making links between their work, Hull House history and critical issues of today. Symbols placed next to museum artifacts will have a phone number and code that visitors can call to access the recordings. Hear the comments, reflections, and audio essays of some of the most exciting activists and humanities scholars of our time: Bill Ayers on why Jane Addams was so “dangerous”; Prexy Nesbitt on apartheid in Chicago today; Louise W. Knight on Jane Addams and time; Vijay Prashad on multiculturalism vs. polyculturalism; Bernardine Dohrn on the nation’s first Juvenile Justice Court; Helen Caldicott on science and social change; and Studs Terkel and Florence Scala on the demolition of Hull-House Settlement.

Exhibition will be run from April 2007 indefinitely. Museum open Tuesday-Friday, 10-4pm. Sunday hours are noon to 4pm. Closed Monday and Saturday. For more information, call 312-413-5358.