Past Event

How We Learn: Building an Educated City

The Neighborhood Writing Alliance presents a panel discussion featuring representatives of local educational initiatives committed to cultural learning for adults in Chicago.

These organizations and projects operate outside of traditional paradigms such as ESL/GED and professional skill development.

The discussion will highlight a range of important work happening in the city and encourage new participation in those efforts.

This event is funded in part by a Major Grant from the Illinois Humanities Council.

Quotes from audience members attending the panel discussion:

  • This was great!
  • An inspiring, excellent program! Towards creating a culture of peace!
  • Diversity of groups represented was excellent.
  • Loved the panel. I am retired and looking for new sources of mental and ethical-philosophical stimulation. What wonderful organizations presented today. I will enjoy learning more about them.
  • This program is very important to my family. We travel around the country to explore, learn and understand new cultures in education. We are a home-schooled family and will share what we learned today with many. Thank you so much!
  • This community-knowledge panel was INSPIRING!

For more information contact Rupal Soni at the Neighborhood Writing Alliance, 773-684-2742