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How Does the Government Shutdown Impact You?

“The US government was forced to begin closing swaths of non-essential services on Tuesday morning after frantic rounds of late night political sparring failed to avert the first federal shutdown in nearly two decades. As a midnight deadline to extend Congressional spending authority ticked ever closer, Republicans staged a series of last-ditch efforts to use a once-routine budget procedure to force Democrats to abandon their efforts to extend US health insurance….An estimated 800,000 federal workers will be forced to stay at home from Tuesday under a stalemate that could drag on for days and disrupt services as varied as national parks and the US space programme.”
Questions For Consideration:
How does the government shutdown impact you? Who stands to suffer the most? What kind of picture does this paint of the United States to the rest of the world? What, if anything, can we do as individuals about the shutdown? Where are you getting your information about the shutdown and are you getting the information you need? 
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