Past Event

Hindsight in 2020: The Long Road to Universal Suffrage

A Road Scholar Program by Jeanne Schultz Angel

2020 marked the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment which enfranchised women to vote in all US elections. Since the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848, many promoted, persuaded, and oftentimes bravely fought about equal rights under United States law. The road to enfranchisement and equal rights has had many roadblocks including Jim Crow, racism, and other prejudice, and still remains under construction through gerrymandering/redistricting, voting access, and election tampering.

Explore where we stand in 2020 and where we are going as we reflect on universal suffrage in American history.

Women Suffrage Parade
Women in academic dress marching in a suffrage parade in New York City, 1910. Source: Schlesinger Library; Photographer: Jessie Tarbox Beals

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