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Hadiya Pendelton and Chicago Violence

Rui Kaneya, Interim editor at The Chicago Reporter, and TJ Crawford, Project Coordinator of the Black Youth Project, will be joining us as our guest speakers.

From “Youths are the No.1 target in Chicago’s homicide epidemic” by Alden Loury

“Chicago has become America’s homicide leader–and by plenty.In 2012, not only did Chicago lead the nation in homicides, it witnessed nearly 100 more murders than New York City, even though the Big Apple has three times as many residents. And Chicago witnessed 215 more murders than Los Angeles–home to more than a million more people. But Chicago’s homicide epidemic is a youth homicide epidemic–young people killing and young people dying…So far, well-intended traditional police strategies, candlelight vigils and stop-the-violence campaigns have not been enough to stem the flow of bloodshed in Chicago’s most impacted communities. It is far beyond the time to sound the alarm.”

Questions for Consideration 

Who or what is responsible for the city’s high murder rate? Why are we as a culture so comfortable with violence? What can communities do to stop the violence in their neighborhoods? What can the President and our elected officials do?

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