Past Event

Grimm's Grimmest: The Darker Side of Traditional Fairy Tales

A Road Scholar Program by Heineman & Marcotte

Bruno Bettleheim in The Uses of Enchantment, Jane Yolen in Touch Magic, and other acclaimed writers and psychologists have discussed the power of fright in children as a necessary and useful tool. Listening to narrow escapes and horrible demises in ghost stories and gothic tales strengthen human survival instincts. The imagination is primed to act in reality should these dangerous situations arise, thus justifying the enjoyment shared in hearing a good scary story. This program challenges the popular, modern versions of fairy tales by reinstating the original gothic tales long before the stories were edited in the Victorian era. For example, what happened after Sleeping Beauty is awakened by the Prince’s kiss? Most people believe they lived happily ever after, but this was far from the truth or intent of the original tale. Find out more through this innovative program.