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Goodbye super-sized sodas?

From “Drinking Soda Is Actually Good For You: Why I’m Against the Bloomberg Ban” by Jeff Halevy

“Last week, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled his proposal to ban the sale of sweetened sodas in sizes larger than 16 ounces…However, when government takes an arbitrary legislative potshot at the symptom, not the cause, of a problem, how much better off are we? Do we want to be hobbled by government making lifestyle choices for us, or empowered by government teaching and supporting better choices? I for one would much rather see legislation making daily physical education and nutrition classes mandatory for our students, ingraining better lifestyles and choices. And I’d love to see the Big Gulp yanked — not due to legislation, but due rather to poor sales from a healthy, educated consumer.”

Questions for Consideration

Why should or shouldn’t other cities adopt similar legislation? What can be done to urge individuals to make better choices about their food and drink consumption? What role should our government play in making lifestyle choices for us or teaching and supporting better choices? Is drinking soda a right? 

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