Past Event

Goin' Down to Cairo: Folksongs in the Land of Lincoln

A Road Scholar Program by Bucky Halker

Few people in Illinois know the story of the state’s rich and diverse folk music traditions. From the beginning of the nineteenth century through the folk revival of the 1950s, Illinoisans have produced an impressive body of folk music from historical ballads, to labor anthems, to early country songs, to dance tunes (not to mention an equally large body of music from ethnic communities in the state). As a long-time collector of folk music and the producer-scholar for the CD documentary series “Folksongs of Illinois, Volumes 1-5,” Bucky Halker has gained a deep appreciation for the folk music of Illinois. He has also written the only guide to archival holdings related to Illinois folk music. Join Bucky for a lecture-concert in which he shares his knowledge of the Prairie State’s folk music with particular attention to historical ballads.

This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact Bruce Harmel, 815.759.9644.