Past Event

From Anansi to Brer Rabbit - Trickster Tales from Africa and the Americas

A Road Scholar Program by Shanta Nurullah

In traditional African societies, the storyteller was often the historian, as well as the culture-bearer. West Africa’s most vivid, intriguing, and enduring character is the trickster, Anansi. Follow the travels of Anansi from Africa to the west, where Anansi’s antics and themes are found in Brer Rabbit tales, often told on southern plantations. These stories of small spiders and crafty rabbits served to entertain and empower those who were using all of their spiritual and mental resources to survive their oppressive conditions. Shanta invites audiences to listen, laugh, and ponder the role of the trickster in folkloric traditions.

This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact Barbara Williams, 815.423.6576.