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Florida "Loud Music Trial": Justice for Jordan?

“In failing to acquit or convict Michael Dunn on the most significant charge — the premeditated murder of a teenager in a dispute over loud music — a jury on Saturday may have run headlong into the breadth and reach of Florida’s contentious self-defense law. In their 30 hours of deliberation, the 12-member panel wrangled with a question that cuts to the heart of all self-defense claims: How does a juror know when using lethal force is justified, where nothing is straightforward, memories are hazy or contradictory and perception counts as much as fact? Even as the jury agreed to convict Mr. Dunn of attempted murder, it found no consensus on murder.”
Read the full article below:
Florida Self-Defense Law Complicated Juror’s Job in Michael Dunn trial” by Lizette Alvarez
Questions For Consideration:
What are some of the challenges of Florida’s self-defense “Stand your Ground” law? Did the media coverage of the trial provide a clear and accurate picture of the decision facing the jury? In America, what does justice for Jordan Davis look like? 
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