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Fast Food, Retail, and the Fight for 15

From The Huffington Post:“From the Five Dollar Day to the Fight for 15: How Push-Up Bras Can Support Chicago’s Sagging Middle Class” by Elizbeth Parisian

“Service sector jobs have paid so little for so long that it’s hard to imagine that flipping burgers at McDonald’s or ringing up customers at TJMaxx could one day be considered a good, middle-class job. But here in Chicago, there is a group of workers fighting to do just that. A couple of weeks ago, hundreds of retail and fast food workers in Chicago made history by forming a brand new union, the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago (WOCC). Their campaign, Fight for Fifteen, demands a fifteen dollar per hour minimum wage for retail and restaurant workers in downtown Chicago and the right to join a union without interference.”

Questions for Consideration 

Why are retail and fast food workers rising up now? How will increasing the minimum wage to $15/hour impact our economy? Where did you learn about the Fight for 15 and what stories would you like to see in the media about this struggle? How would a higher minimum wage affect consumers? Why should we support workers who want to earn a living wage?

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