Past Event

Etienne de Venard, Sieur de Bouremont

Etienne de Venard, Signer de Bourgmont, left France because of a poaching incident. In New France, he joined the French Marines and established a tannery near the mouth of the Ohio River. He deserted his post as an officer at Detroit, lived as an illegal couer de bois, returned to fight in the first Fox War, where he became infatuated with a Missouri Chief’s daughter and took her as his wife. He explored the lower Missouri River, built Ft. de Orleans, and made peace between the Padoucah and French allied tribes on the lower Missouri River and mid-Mississippi River. In 1725, he took Missouri, Illiniwek, Osage, and Oto Chiefs to Paris. In December 1725, he was elevated to the ranks of the French nobility in Paris. In this living history portrayal by Dan Hechenberger, Bourgmont will discuss his travels in the Illinois Country, his notoriety and his trip to Paris with the regional chiefs. For more information contact Sheila Richey, Site Interpreter, 618.524.9321.