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Ethnic Studies Ban in Arizona

From “The assault on ethnic studies is unwisie and undemocratic” by Leslie Bow

“As a professor of ethnic studies, I feel under assault. At the beginning of this year, Arizona’s HB 2281 targeting ethnic studies in Tucson’s public school system went into effect. As a culture we are notoriously thin-skinned when it comes to talking about racial issues. Some think that noticing race is equivalent to being racist. But doesn’t that mean that we need more dialogue rather than less?”

Questions for consideration

Why do you think Arizona passed a ban on ethnic studies that will keep public schools from offering courses on Latino culture? What impact will this ban have on students, teachers and communities? Why might it be important for young people to learn about cultures that have been traditionally marginalized in the United States (e.g. Asian, African American or latino)? What connection, if any, does this ban have with the recent tragic shootings in Arizona? What kind of culture are we creating by deeming an ethnic studies class illegal? To what extent should legislature be involved in influencing or developing school curriculum? Horne condemned ethnic studies as “ethnic chauvinism” and “high treason.” Is there a such thing as “ethnic chauvinism” and if so what does it look like?



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