Past Event

Envisioning Justice Rapid Response: RE-VISION

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Where will we be on November 11th, 2020? Eight days after the election, Illinois Humanities teams up with four curators from other parts of the U.S. to share thoughts, feelings, and reflections on the outcome through the lens of those most invested in ending mass incarceration.

Join us for the sixth installment and nationwide edition of the Envisioning Justice Rapid Response Series, created by Illinois Humanities to share short, original videos featuring perspectives and reflections from humanists, artists, and community organizers working in system-impacted communities during this complex time. With support from the Art for Justice Fund, curators Baz Dreisinger, C.T. Mexica, Mahogany L. Browne, and Tyra Patterson curate and host a collection of video contributions from inside and outside of prison, inside and outside of Illinois, and inside and outside of the United States.

The theme for this evening’s program is RE-VISION, and it features contributions from:

  • Amare Symone
  • Amanda Padgett
  • Anhelita Reno
  • Arthur Longworth
  • Christina Olivares
  • Mitchell Jackson
  • Monica Cosby
  • Mthemtheleli Ngxeke
  • Prince Kwamiso
  • Syreeta Scruggs
  • Tomiekia Johnson
  • Tongo Eisen Martin

Produced by Tyreece Williams & Jane Beachy
Technical Direction by Tony Santiago
With a DJ set from L O Kari!

Curated and hosted by Art for Justice Fellows Baz Dreisinger, C.T. Mexica, Mahogany L. Browne, and Tyra Patterson. The guest curators have asked the contributors, doing work across the country, to consider the following questions.

  • How can the past shape the future without limiting its radical possibilities?
  • In the future, who advocates for the people to bloom, flourish, and grow into liberation? What tools do we use to get there?
  • If freedom has a sound, what does it sound like?
  • How do we challenge the notion of power and/or who holds it?

The murder of Breonna Taylor, nationwide demands to defund the police, and our ongoing reckoning with systemic racism have been at the center of conversation in the 2020 election cycle. The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded and further exposed racial, economic, and health inequities, leading to increasing calls for dismantling the status quo. No matter the results of this year’s national election, those whose lives and careers are dedicated to the pursuit of justice will be facing new obstacles and opportunities. This program will help us all begin to make sense of the ways our ongoing work can and must respond to a new era.

Please note that, if you RSVP for RE-VISION, you will also receive a link to an attendant virtual conversation on Thursday, November 12th at 7 PM CT. This conversation, hosted and facilitated by Illinois Humanities, is meant to provide a space for attendees of RE-VISION to reflect and share thoughts on what they witnessed during the program on November 11th and be together as we reckon with the outcome of the national election.