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Drop the doughnut, say goodbye to trans fats!

From The Chicago Tribune: “FDA moving to ban trans fat from processed foods” by Dominic Rushe
“The Food and Drug Administration movedThursday to virtually eliminate trans fat, an artificially created artery-clogging substance, from Americans’ diets…Trans fats are used mostly for texture and stability — they allow products to have a longer shelf life, preserve flavor, give flakiness to crusts and biscuits and keep peanut butter from separating. The FDA believes that further reduction in the amount of trans fat in Americans’ diets could prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths a year.”
Questions For Consideration:
How do you feel about the FDA banning trans fats? How would this affect your or your family? Why has it taken this long to ban a fat has produced so many heart attacks and disease? Where do you get your nutrition information from? What have you heard about nutrition in the news? How can we better inform ourselves of our food choices and take better care of our health?
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