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Domestic Workers: An Invisible Workforce

What do nannies, house cleaners  and caregivers have in common? They keep millions of Americans afloat everyday, and yet domestic work still isn’t officially recognized as employment.

Myrla Baldonado, a caregiver and organizer with Latino Union of Chicago and Eric Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Latino Union will be joining us as our guest speakers.

From “Bad Backs, Lost Wages, Little Security: A Snapshot of Domestic Workers” by Lauren Weber 

Among the many things that keep the United States open for business –transportation systems, the electric grid, a pretty reliable legal system – one factor remains largely hidden from view: the army of nannies, housecleaners and caregivers that enables millions of Americans to go to their jobs every day. Yet, despite the intimate nature of this kind of employment, domestic workers operate in a mostly unregulated arena, and frequently face wage theft, late payment, substandard or unsafe working conditions, social isolation, and low pay.

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Questions for Consideration

How can we raise awareness about the conditions of domestic workers? What can be done to support the rights of domestic workers? How is the growing demand for domestic work and other forms of service/care work re-defining the economy? 

More about our guest speakers

Myrla Baldonado is a caregiver and organizer with Latino Union of Chicago and the Chicago Coalition of Household Workers.

Eric Rodriguez is the son of undocumented Mexican migrants and began volunteering with the Latino Union in 2002. While working as the managing coordinator of the Albany Park Workers’ Center, Eric facilitated the establishment of systems operations at the Center while simultaneously acting as the primary street corner organizer. Eric brings to this work a background of environmental and community organizing in the Humboldt Park neighborhood and museums like the John G. Shedd Aquarium. In 2010 Eric along with brave domestic workers and allies help establish the Chicago coalition of household workers.

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