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"Django Unchained": love it or hate it?

From “Tarantino Unchained” by Jelani Cobb

“The film’s premise alone was enough to spark controversy. Spike Lee—a longtime critic of Tarantino—took the unwieldy position that he refused to see the film but knew that it would be disrespectful to his ancestors. …The film’s defenders are quick to point out that “Django” is not about history. But that’s almost like arguing that fiction is not reality—it isn’t, but the entire appeal of the former is its capacity to shed light on how we understand the latter.”

Questions for Consideration

Reviews for Django Unchained have been both positive and negative, why do you think it’s so polarized? How accurately can people of one race tell stories about people of a different race? Why is there so much controversy surrounding the usage of the n-word in this movie?

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