Past Event

Cyber-bull​ying and Digital Citizenshi​p

Cafe Society will be meeting at Ron’s Barber Shop on Friday, October 14

***Please note that Beyondmedia Education will show their 20-minute ground-breaking anti-cyberbullying docudrama, Your Social Life, to kick off this discussion.***

From “Are youth of color affected by cyberbullying?” by Lynda Lopez, Youth Leadership Council of Beyondmedia Education

“Wanting to understand more about media consumption among youth, a study was conducted by researchers at Northwestern University. They found striking differences among racial and ethnic groups. They found that young people of color are consuming or using an average of 13 hours of media a day or nearly 4.5 hours more than white youth. Even though young people of color are using an average of 13 hours of media a day, news outlets do not typically report on their experiences with digital abuse.”

Questions for Consideration

How can schools and parents work together to prevent cyberbullying?  How do cell phones and electronic communication make bullying easier? Or if technology’s not to blame, why do kids take part in cyberbullying? What are the pros and cons of anti-bullying laws? How can we help kids who bully as well as kids who are getting bullied? How can we reaise more awareness about the experiences of youth of color on the Internet?

Want to find out more? 

Beyondmedia Education will present their ground-breaking anti-cyber-bullying docudrama, Your Social Life. The 20-minute short film will be followed by a discussion about digital citizenship and how young people can make their social networks safer and protect themselves from online harassment. 

Learn more about Beyondmedia and watch a clip from Your Social Life.


This event is presented in partnership with Beyondmedia Education.
It’s free and open to the pubilc. For more information please call 312.422.5580.

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