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CTA's new Ventra card: mass confusion or a better solution?

From “From “CTA’s Ventra fare system a tool of mass confusion” by John Hilkevitch

“The Chicago Transit Authority soon will launch a new fare-payment system that affects almost every CTA and Pace rider, although transit officials have yet to fully explain how it will work. Poor communications with customers is something the CTA has nearly down to a science, if recent developments are any sign. The transit agency didn’t make any adjustments based on riders’ concerns before eliminating some bus routes in December, it increased fares on all CTA passes in January, and its board voted last week to impose new fees to help cover the costs of the new half-billion-dollar fare system called Ventra..”

Questions for Consideration 

What are the advantages or disadvantages of the new Ventra card? How could the city improve public transportation for commuters? How can Chicago residents effectively voice their transportation needs? Is transportation a right or a privilege and why?

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