Past Event

Community Cinema presents: The Calling

The Calling follows seven dedicated young people on a dramatic journey as they prepare to become professional clergy. We also get to know them as ordinary young people at the crossroads of their lives, struggling with doubt and fear, dating and family, and the myriad challenges of becoming an adult. A new look at an old job, The Calling presents a fascinating look at how faith is lived today.

As this new generation of religious leaders prepares to take its place in our society, their unfolding stories explore some of the current issues facing America’s religious communities. Islam strives to establish its American identity. The Catholic Church responds to sexual abuse scandals and the demographic shift to a Spanish-speaking majority, while African American churches adapt to women taking more active leadership roles.

There will be a post-screening panel with Danny Alpert, the director of the film, and others.

This screening is sponsored by Community Cinema, The Independent Television Service

Free and open to the pubilc.